Monday, September 6, 2010

Zzzzzzz.... at work. Oops!

(Sometimes I sneak in a nap at work in the weather office. Especially during "Employee of the Month" meetings...)

I squirm in meetings-- I skip them when I can get away with it.

KJRH management called a boring meeting last Thursday morning, but I had more important things to do: sleep at work. So I avoided the meeting and turned out the lights in the weather office for a nap. I wanted to sleep between the morning and midday news. As I got to work that day at 3am while going to bed the night before at midnight, I thought I could splat on the couch for about 30 minutes.

My boss called my cell phone. I pretended to be awake when I answered. He needed me to attend the stupid meeting. So wearing the street clothes which I had changed in to for my nap: shirt, shorts and no socks or shoes, I walked into the meeting barefoot.

The meeting? Julie Chin and I won for August as voted on by our co-workers. Here is my "Employee of the Month" trophy.

So-- I basically was trying to sleep through my own meeting...makes for a good story! :)

(BELOW: My mother will make a bigger deal about the EOM award than I ever will. So Mom, this pic is for you!)