Monday, October 25, 2010

Awesome and fun pics from KJRH viewers

(ABOVE: Beautiful! Here's the view of downtown Tulsa on a foggy morning as photographed by Stephanie Farris from St. John Medical Center.)

We receive lots of awesome pictures from our viewers. Our weather staff looks at all of them, and we show a bunch of them on the news. In addition to beautiful landscapes and weather pics as seen above I like to show pics that make you smile! See below.... Here's a few from the past week:

(BELOW:Lana says that this fox is a "frequent visitor" in Claremore!)

(BELOW: Paul Orosco wonders if Tiger Woods has this same problem?)

(ABOVE: Karla Fitzgerald took a picture of a cute little tree frog when....)
(BELOW: ... the frog wanted to meet Karla!!)

Thanks for watching and keep 'em coming! Send your pictures to