Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poker Run-- wind chill of 3°

(ABOVE: In my first ever Poker Run on an 18° morning, I pulled a full house! You receive one random card each mile of the run.)

The coldest morning of the year occurred just in time for the Poker Run: wind chills near zero and fun with frozen boogers!

I only saw three people wearing shorts. That number would have been four until I listened!

I conceded to my wife and my own single digit wind chill forecast just before the run-- I bought running pants at the last minute.

Now the ironic fun... During the run I drew three queens and two fives. (You are handed one card each mile you complete.) I finished with a "full house" of poker cards! My prize from Runners' World? Running pants!!

Enjoy the pics below:

(ABOVE and BELOW: I ran with Dan Lockhoff. His nose is warm. Rumor has it that Susan Collins ran too, but no one is sure.)

(BELOW: And we're off! A 4 mile run on a shivering cold morning.)

(Venus Woods Monyhan and a weatherman. She's training for the Chicago Marathon!)

(ABOVE and BELOW: Here is what's cool about the Poker Run-- you "win" one free thing after you finish. The better your hand of cards, the better your prize!)

(ABOVE: My new running pants which I won!)