Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going "Viral": that wasp picture

(ABOVE: my 15 minutes of fame... forever on the Internet)

You have probably been forwarded emails of funny pictures before, right? How about seeing yourself in one of the pictures-- that's happening to me daily!

The wasp picture on the page was viewed over 600,000 times in one week on one web site alone! Most folks don't know or care who I am, it's just a funny pic of a wasp and a weatherman. It makes me laugh too!

Here's what happened-- last month a wasp flew into the camera shot during a "2NEWS Midday" newscast. The camera is located atop the BOK building in downtown Tulsa.

I've seen wasps and other critters a
zillion times before on camera, and I didn't think it was a big deal when the critter flew into the shot. But I had fun with it, "Take cover Tulsa!!", I laughed on air!

Someone else thought it was funny too and snapped a picture of their TV. I don't know who started forwarding the picture. One month later, the picture "went viral" on the Internet.

Several web sites including: and picked it up. The picture went from a few hundred to 500,000 views in 24 hours.

I updated my personal Facebook page to the picture-- why not?!

Glad I made someone smile... I don't have choice either, I do BEElieve it's out there forever! ;)

(BELOW: I took this pic a few years ago in downtown Tulsa. The wasp picture was taken from a camera over the 52nd floor of the BOK building in the background.)