Saturday, July 3, 2010

Small town sarcasm in Hectorville

(ABOVE: Small town humor. Apparently, the county tore up the paved road and never rebuilt it. The locals aren't amused...)

Hectorville is a tiny town about 20 miles south of Tulsa. Most Oklahomans haven't visited or vacationed there. In fact you may never have heard of it as the state feels that Hectorville isn't worthy of a highway.

Apparently it isn't worthy of paved county roads either. The unofficial Hectorville sign pictured above was erected by frustrated local residents. Okmulgee county officials tore up the old paved road so that an improved road could be built.

But it hasn't happened. A dusty, gravel and dirt road replaced the asphalt surface on the Okmulgee county side of the community. Cyclists normally ride into Hectorville from the north, usually from the Bixby/Jenks/South Tulsa area. Those roads are paved.

For us, the sign provides a chuckle and smile!

(ABOVE: I stole this map from the KJRH Vipir 2 database... Can you find Hectorville?)

(BELOW: The bicycling community appreciates Hectorville. Its air conditioned country store provides a popular stop during the heat.

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