Monday, January 17, 2011

2010... and 1980: First Snow

(ABOVE: My first snow! That's me at home in Orange, TX in 1980. I had never seen this picture until Mother found it in a drawer recently. This was the first time I ever saw snow. My smile proves it!)

Snow isn't unusual in eastern Oklahoma, but the first snow of the season seems to be a big deal. Lots of memories are made, especially for the kids!

I grew up in Orange, TX, and any snow was unusual and a big deal. On average, measurable snow is observed about once every 10 years along the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast.

Every single kid in Orange remembers the snow of 1980. The snow fell during the night on Friday, and kids woke up early Saturday morning to white stuff in the yard. Probably 1'-2" fell. It was enough snow to build my first snowman in the front yard! (Frosty melted the next day...)

The Tulsa area averages 9" of snow a year, and the 1" of snow which fell last week wasn't quite enough to make a snowman, but it probably provided smile to the kids. Maybe their parents too!

(ABOVE: My camera dude Kyle is stoked. He's excited for my live shot in the light snow)

(ABOVE: 1" of snow fell at our house. The snow was a bit powdery and 100% beautiful)

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