Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funny storm damage reports

(ABOVE: I snapped a quick picture of the computer screen when I saw this come across. I guess smoking kills, right?!)

I really should start keeping track of the storm reports (LSRs) from the National Weather Service (NWS). Each office puts out a list of LSRs during and after severe weather events, and most of them usually don't stand out.

But occasionally you'll see local flavor.

From the past years, I remember a poorly worded LSR: "Mobile home destroyed. No significant damage". In Arkansas, I've seen "Lawnmower thrown into chicken house" and other stuff which provides a chuckle.

I'll try to post them in the future on my blog when I see them. Until then I'll be on the lookout for people (above picture)with cigarettes in case any more "smokers are tossed and destroyed by wind" ;)



  1. hahaha it 's like the parody of the pelican report on yout tube haha very funny by the way because the morse code said that the admiral was a jerk haha