Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lunar eclipse

(ABOVE: photo courtesy, Mike O'Neal in Sperry.)

One of the best job perks is KJRH viewers sharing their pictures with us. Our meteorologists then get to broadcast those pictures to you during our weathercasts.

This picture of the moon really caught my eye!

Last weekend a lunar eclipse was visible just before sunrise.

On the morning of December 10, 2011 the Earth cast a shadow on the moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is positioned and nearly perfectly aligned between the sun and the moon.

If you are wondering why the moon turns an orange-red color, it's due to the effects of Earth's atmosphere.

Though the physical body of Earth lies in the path of the sun during a lunar eclipse, the Earth's atmosphere "sticks out" from the planet. The sunlight passes through the atmosphere scattering the light, making the light somewhat opaque. Earth creates an a orange-red shadow on the moon as a result.

Enjoy this picture from Mike O'Neal in Sperry took this picture.

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  1. Was a cold but beautiful morning view, till the fog and clouds rolled in. Thanks George, MikeO.