Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Skywatching: Jupiter and Venus. Mars too.

(ABOVE: I stole this graphic from

"Are those UFOs?!" asked an alarmed viewer who called KJRH. You might have also wondered about the so-called "bright lights" in the sky.

Tonight, take a look at the western sky. You will see two bright white dots near each other. Those two dots are Jupiter and Venus, and you will know they are planets because they don't blink or sparkle like stars do.

You will see Jupiter on the left and Venus on the right. Jupiter will appear slightly dimmer and lower in the sky compared to Venus.

Check them out tonight! Between 7-9pm is a great time for viewing. Look due west and up at just under a 45 degree angle-- you can't miss them!

As far as the weather, you might have some clouds in the way, but try to enjoy the planets while you can. Jupiter will disappear from your view toward the end of March as it sinks lower in the sky.

Also, while you are out, check out Mars too. Look nearly due east and lower in the sky. Mars will appear as a dim, smallish orange dot in the eastern sky above the horizon.

Take advantage of the Spring-like weather and enjoy our universe!

(BELOW: I took this pic last night of Jupiter and Venus. Of course cell phones don't take great pics at night, but it gives you an idea of what to expect. The planets will appear brighter to your own eyes.)


  1. My Husband and I see those every night and morning Thanks for telling me which is which new the bright one was Venus wasn't sure if Jupiter or not.

  2. I was sure the brighter one was the international space station, isnt that where it normally sits too? if so where is it now? =^.^=