Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools! Taft Price wears 6 ties

(ABOVE: the 6 ties worn by Taft Price during a single newscast.)

2NEWS Meteorologist Taft Price pulled off one of the best April Fools' Pranks that I've ever seen on local news. And "pulled off" is appropriate as he yanked off a bunch of ties!

On the Sunday, April 1st, 8am broadcast of "2NEWS Weekend Mornings", Taft wore six different ties. He hurriedly changed ties after each on-camera appearance.

He didn't mention the half-dozen ties to our viewers... only those watching closely got the joke!

For tie #6, Taft wore my "trademark" sunshine tie. Viewers were catching on!

Taft smiled and revealed the April Fools' joke at the end of the newscast as he piled the ties on the news desk. (above picture)

Congrats Taft! Well done sir.

(BELOW: Taft looked good wearing my sunshine tie. )

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  1. Knew Taft would fit right in!!! Lovin those wild ties guys!!!