Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Forecast: Brown Grass

(ABOVE: My view walking through Ray Harrell park. Our Fall leaves aren't quite as vivid this year due to the prolonged dry weather.)

Your backyard usually turns brown this time of year as the daylight gradually disappears. But the lack of rain isn't helping. Some of our viewers are telling us of big cracks in their yards!

Our yearly rainfall is 15-25% below average across eastern Oklahoma. This Fall has been especially dry. Widespread heavy rain is not expected anytime soon.

The long range outlook appears drier than norm for the rest of the Fall.

(BELOW: This is a drought map. The soil moisture is quite low, especially in southeastern OK. Each windy, low humidity day will bring the entire state a high fire danger. )

(BELOW: Precipitation outlook for Fall through early Winter. More dry weather is expected from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast.)

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