Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snake in our house... so grab the blower?!

(ABOVE: A huge rat snake climbs the gutter of our house. Where is Mr. Snake going?! )


It's not in my heart to kill a snake, but I also don't care for one to slither near our house!

I was quite surprised this past Sunday to find a huge snake sunning itself on the back porch. Snakes enjoy warmer weather, and the late afternoon sunshine provided cozy warmth-- up against our door! The dogs immediately spotted the creature and barked like crazy. Mr. Snake retreated and coiled behind the grill. I quickly got the dogs inside then wondered what to do next!

(BELOW: Josie and my leg. Our Westies alerted us of the snake in the backyard.)

After the dogs disappeared inside, Mr. Snake didn't waste time making a getaway. He quickly uncoiled from behind the barbecue grill and slithered along the side of the house.

(BELOW: The snake retreats behind the grill. Time to put on my snake catching boots!)

The snake unraveled to more than 3 feet long! I thought my new friend was leaving the yard when he changed directions and went straight up the house!

Mr. Snake curled around the rain gutter and slithered toward the roof. He found a small crack in the foundation, poked his head in and entered the house. The snake got in!!! Mr. Snake squeezed in between the top of the bricks and the roof. Wifey wasn't pleased!

(BELOW: The snake slithers up the rain gutter and disappeared into the house. A thin crack exists between bricks and roof. Apparently the small crack is big enough for a snake to live!)

The snake couldn't go anywhere from there as he trapped himself between the drywall and bricks. Unless he burrowed through drywall and wood he was trapped and couldn't get into the bedrooms. But we still wanted him gone!

(BELOW: John used a hair drier! He tried heating up the snake's hidey hole to force him out.)

Not knowing what to do next, Wifey called our friend John the snake expert. John rushed over with his snake catching tools. He tried several methods to get the the critter out, but Mr. Snake was too far back. We called it a night. Wifey didn't sleep to well that night!

(BELOW: Sure, why not try a leaf blower too! Not sure how to react if the snake blew out of the house...)

The next day temperatures warmed into the upper 70s. I frequently checked the backyard, but I couldn't find any signs of the snake. Maybe and hopefully he slithered away. Either way I sealed the crack in the bricks. The snake will never get back inside-- or he's trapped inside the bricks forever!

(BELOW: I sealed the crack above the bricks. If we smell dead snake soon then we know where he is...)


  1. Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes? Great blog George, glad to know the rest of the story bout the hair dryer. When wifey said there was a hair dryer involved, I wasn't quite sure what to think bout you. Thought oh my, he really is a city boy. The only good snake is a dead snake.

  2. You can be sure if the snake didn't make it out of that corner you were
    attempting to run it out of (you closed it up I see), then he/she is still
    in there and may just make its way into your home later! I don't want to
    creep you out but again if it didn't come out when it is time to begin
    moving again (Spring), step lightly! My home used to be a den for them until
    we moved here and remodeled. As you well know, we still have one that tries
    to slither on in! Good luck! :)

    - Ryan Kepke

  3. That is a huge snake, I remember one time in my house when I was a kid, we experienced the same thing, a huge snake was in my room.