Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Images

Enjoy these pictures from our viewers and KJRH from November 2010. Enjoy!

The Sandhill Cranes against the November 9 sunset at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in north central Oklahoma.

Paul Orosco grabbed his camera after hearing of a bald eagle enjoying a fall morning near Okmulgee.

The Sutton kids think that the background tree looks like a turkey! (or maybe a squirrel?) Credit the 2007 ice storm for the tree's unusual shape.

The Smith family says that their 6 year old Wesley the Bullmastiff patiently enjoys the Fall weather.

Virginia Craig from Jay took this picture of the pelicans at Grand Lake. The water ripples add a nice effect.

From KJRH. Safaris Sanctuary in Broken Arrow brought a joey for the 11am Midday news! Julie Chin and I pet the baby kangaroo.

That's me driving StormChaser 2 in the Claremore Veterans Day parade.

This was fun! The school children literally line the streets of downtown Claremore to honor Veterans Day.

Deana Silk, my KJRH 2NEWS Weekend Morning co-anchor is popular with the kids!

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