Friday, March 11, 2011

Boston Terrier rescue on bike

(ABOVE: I aborted my bike ride at mile 39 when Roxie dog wanted to play in traffic.)

The bicyclists vs barking dogs game is played nearly every ride into the country with my friends. Often, big barking dogs are left unleashed by their owners. The dogs then charge out of their yards to run, chase or attempt to eat us.

But sometimes a lost-looking doggie wants to join too. That's what happened today riding in Tulsa near the Creek Turnpike at Memorial Drive.

(ABOVE: This puppy finally caught up to me, but she didn't know what to do next!)

I crossed Memorial Drive as usual and pedaled eastward up a large hill toward Mingo. A small dog found me at the top of the hill. She barked and started chasing me... and chasing and chasing!

The "vicious" barking thing appeared harmless! I stopped to make friends with her. She was a puppy!-- a Boston Terrier with new looking teeth, probably 6 months to 12 months old. I scratched her head; she closed her eyes; then splatted into the grass for a tummy rub! Thankfully she had a collar with ID: "Roxie". I took out my cell phone and called the owner. The owner answered but told me she was 30 minutes away.

(ABOVE: She melted in my hand while getting a head rub.)

Roxie dog tried to run out into Mingo, but I got her off the street in time. She then bolted toward the highway! I left my bike on the ground, scooped her up and held her into her owner arrived. I had fun taking pics of us! Moral of the story: name tags for doggies work!

(ABOVE PICS: The owner came to the rescue in record time! In the middle picture, I guess that my nose must taste good...)


  1. Very cool George. BTW, which bike was she chasing?

  2. She's beautiful. I've owned bostons all of my life! Rebel is the one I own now. Naturally, he looks a lot like "Roxie"...

  3. John-- I have a cool follow up story about the bike. That's coming soon!