Thursday, March 24, 2011

NSU-BA: Awesome, quick bicycle ride

(ABOVE: The Creek Turnpike trail around Broken Arrow is a pleasant getaway. The cows agree!)

If you travel the length of the Riverside Trail; taking it south from downtown Tulsa along Riverside, then to the Creek Turnpike through South Tulsa, you will find yourself 26 miles later at NSU-Broken Arrow. This is where the trail ends... or begins.

The usually quiet, small NSU-BA bike parking lot fills with mostly cyclists near dinner time. Many folks enjoy parking here then riding the trail back toward Broken Arrow and Tulsa.

(BELOW: Here is the trail terminus at this parking lot just south of NSU-Broken Arrow. I like to start my ride here and pedal south then west around BA. A ride from NSU-BA to Olive and back is 12.6 miles according to my iPhone Cyclemeter app. )

The trail is a dream for cyclists: longish stretches of straight-aways and curves, rolling hills and a few abrupt 100 foot climbs. While cars and trucks zoom along the nearby Creek Turnpike, you are isolated with trees, open farmland and country creeks.

(ABOVE: Near the Creek Turnpike and Aspen. You can accelerate to 30mph going downhill. Wheeee!)

Compared to the Tulsa sections of trail, higher speeds are possible as bicycles outnumber joggers and walkers-- you don't worry about running over folks! The few intersections aren't a problem either.

If you are looking for a great place to ride that isn't crowded, is somewhat isolated, yet not far from town, then this route is for you. Try parking at NSU-BA, then ride to Olive and back. It's a 12 mile ride, and could make you fall in love with our Tulsa Parks trail system! George

(BELOW: To stay healthy, Ruben Castro says he got back on the bike after 25 years of not riding. Says he loves it and wishes he did it sooner!)

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  1. I love the mountain bike, I love take rides around the forest, I live in Utah and I can go to many places!