Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June: 2 Walks for You at LaFortune

(ABOVE: 2 Walks for You meets at the red dot in June. That's the main entrance to LaFortune Park and Golf Course at 55th and Yale.)

"2 Walks for You" is a walking club that I started this Spring. We meet the first and third Saturday of the month after the morning newscast.

Simply put, many of us think it's more fun to walk and exercise together. As Tulsa has beautiful outdoor living, I try to take advantage of our parks and trails. And as some folks don't like to walk/exercise alone, I'm inviting you to join me. :)

For the month of June, "2 Walks for You" moves to LaFortune Park. We are meeting Saturday June 4th at 9am instead of the usual 11am start. NBC is showing the French Open, so our regular 8-10am news will be from 7-8am.

If you haven't joined us before, we walk for about an hour at a modest pace. An hour of walking covers about 3 miles and includes a mid-walk break. Some folks bring their doggies!

We'll meet in front of LaFortune Golf Course at 55th and Yale this month... see you Saturday at 9am. We walk WITH you, that's 2 Walks for You. :)

BELOW: Deana Silk makes a friend at 2 Walks for You. )

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