Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Record heat... and car trouble!

(ABOVE: My car's external thermometer runs a tad high... it actually unknowingly warned me)

I posted the picture above on my Facebook page for a few laughs.

While idling on the record setting 106 degree day on June 27, the external thermometer registered a ridiculous temperature. Sure I've seen the thermometer run hotter than the actual air temperature when idling, but certainly nothing close to this! The thermometer sometimes runs about 10 degrees too hot-- but not 30 degrees off.

What I didn't realize is that I nearly had a major car problem!

This morning I fired up the engine to drive to work, and a zillion warning lights immediately lit up the dash. "STOP ENGINE NOW" flashed in giant red letters. I think the engine was about to explode or something. The "low coolant" light flashed too.

I checked under the hood. The coolant tank was dry. Coolant leak!

I last checked my engine fluids about a week before, so I obviously developed a big coolant leak. The 136 degree external temperature was likely picking up extra heat from the engine, a pre-warning me that my engine was too hot.

Good life lesson.

(BELOW: Fill'er up! I refilled the coolant before driving to work.)

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