Monday, September 12, 2011

Gracie dog escapes!

(ABOVE: After she was recaptured. Gracie cooling down her tummy on the cold bathroom tile.)

Gracie dog is a bad dog!

She is the only one of our doggies who will bolt for the door when there's a chance for freedom.

If she gets out the door, she runs. And keeps going. For a long time.

She escaped on a 90 degree day when her Daddy was taking out the trash. The 30 seconds it took me to walk the trash to the curb gave her a good head start. She zoomed past me and made good progress toward Canada!

I chased her. And that's just what she wanted.

She likes the chasing game, and I fell for it. She played me!

(ABOVE: Despite the clouds, afternoon temperatures in the 90s during the chase.)

She ran across the street. To the neighbor's yard. Then back across the street. Down the street. Into the field. Then back into the neighborhood. Across the street again. Another neighbor's yard. Then the other way down the street. Repeat the above.

The "Daddy chasing Gracie" game carried on for about 20 minutes. She never let me get within ten feet of her. She was smart enough to not let me corner her. She was slowing down though as the heat got to the bad little girl.

Finally she headed toward a maroon Volvo parked at the end of the street. This car was a stranger to the neighborhood.

Gracie ran around to the other side of the car. The next thing I knew, Gracie was staring at me through the passenger side glass! A white, shedding dog on fancy, black leather seats. Oops... Panting heavily, her long pink tongue drooped toward her front paws.

I walked around to the driver's side, and the door was standing open. No one else was around. Someone had left the door wide open, and Gracie invited herself in!

Hmm. Do I enter the car?! I looked around and saw no one. No witnesses.

Well, I just couldn't leave Gracie dog in the passenger seat... let's make a quick dog nabbing.

I crawled in and slid across the fancy leather driver's seat. The steering wheel and shifter were in the way.

I tried to pull out the bad dog, but she didn't wanna! She appeared to be quite comfortable and ready for a car ride. She was too tired to resist me as I scooped her up. I received doggie kisses for my time.

(BELOW: The car door and Gracie dog as I found them.)


I still don't know who owns that Volvo.

I didn't see anyone come out to claim it. Hours later the door remained open as obviously the driver forgot to close it for whatever reason.

The Volvo disappeared the next day. I haven't seen it since.

I know I should apologize or tell someone, but who do I tell? I don't know which house the car belonged to?!

Either way, the driver is probably wondering where the white hair and doggie kisses in the window came from!

Thanks for reading. George


  1. Absolutely the funniest story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janice, Maria-- you bet! I'll just report the facts as I see them. :)