Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Running: the "One Mile Puke Run"

(ABOVE: Dan Lockhoff is one of those dudes above. He keeps our storm chases lively.)

"Hey, George! Guess what?!"

"I wanted to see how fast I could run one mile, so I just started randomly sprinting! I made it in just over 7 minutes, then I saw stars and puked!"

This is the conversation Dan Lockhoff had with me and how the "One Mile Puke Run" got its name.

Dan is a born again runner. A high school athlete who used to run 5 minute miles, he's now in his 30s and wanting to "get back in shape". He's training for the Tulsa Run in November.

I saw this One Mile Puke Run as a challenge... so I tried it! I didn't know what to expect as I have never set a time goal before or "sprinted" for an entire mile.

I chose a cooler day with temperatures in the 80s for my first effort. My first run: 7 minutes 15 seconds. Sweat poured off of me. I collapsed in the grass to catch my breath. (But no barfing!)

I am repeating the run three times a week. My training consists of combining sprints with occasional longer four mile runs.

(ABOVE and BELOW: Training is easy and fun with an Iphone. Tracking my time and pace with the Cyclemeter app.)

Since our first One Mile Puke Runs, we've quietly competed and pushed each other to run faster.
This is the first time that I've ever set a running goal: a sub-7 minute mile.

Through August I'm averaging about 7:30 on my one mile run. I seem to run my best times during cooler weather. Hopefully that trend continues as we move into Fall.

I want to reach my goal of under 7 minutes by the end of the October... stay tuned!

And as a bonus, my stamina and top speed on my bicycle is improving, and I feel great. :)

Thanks for reading, George

(BELOW: View from the trail. I like running near sunset.)

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