Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cowabunga dude! Saturday morning run with Runner's World

(ABOVE: Turtle Trotters-- not to be confused with my Blazing Turtles group. Turtle power!!)

Today I ran my second longest distance ever!

I've been waking up early on Saturday mornings this month to "try something new" just because I can now!

I was promoted to a Monday thru Friday job at the beginning of the year after Julie Chin decided to retire from TV weather at Channel 2.

I love my job and working at KJRH, but after working weekends for 10 years in Tulsa, a new beginning felt welcome. I always looked forward to working the popular weekend morning show, but personally I felt like I missed out on zillions of outdoor weekend opportunities. So new year, new adventures every week!!

This morning's new journey: joining a Runner's World marathon training run. I found out about the run while surfing the Internet looking for new outdoor stuff to try.

A large group, several hundred folks gathered on the clear, cold morning along the Arkansas River. Today's run was a 5 miler. The distances and courses vary weekly. (The running groups are free and open to the public. Click here for their schedule.)

Before the run, group leaders held up signs marking the pace that each group would run.

I joined a group called "Blazing Turtles" which ran a 10-11 minute per mile average. That's a doable pace for me, maybe a tad slower than I usually run. But I'm not used to running five miles either!

I also learned that it's a big deal for runners to bond with other runners in their group, improve their performance and even work up to a faster group.

After a few announcements, the fastest group left first. The age range of my group averaged 30 to 50 years old, though I met a 13-year old who was running with her Mom!

The run felt awesome! The morning air, the quiet environment, healthy living.

The group run was my first since high school! I usually run a few miles alone on occasion, so this was a nice change. I think adrenaline set in too as I wanted to run faster with a group.

Runner's World provided water stops along the way and even snacks at the finish line-- pretty impressive for a free "training" event!

I felt great after running just over five miles which marks only the second time that I've run that far in my life. (I'm usually on a bicycle!)

Another goal blossomed for this year: Run in a Tulsa event.

I've never run in any event before, not even a 5K! (as running events are scheduled on weekend mornings when I used to work!)

Thanks Runner's World-- I had fun. I feel awesome, and I'll be back. Great way to start a weekend!

(BELOW: A large group met at River West Park for an 8am run. Runner's World even provided water and yummy snacks with icing! (last pic)


  1. Glad you had fun and want to come back! Great blog, too!

    Laurie E.
    Team Half Fast

  2. Sorry I missed meeting you.
    glad you had fun and hopefully will
    join us again.

    Susan Michaels
    Team half fast co run leader