Thursday, June 10, 2010

Facial Hair and TV

(ABOVE: Paul Orosco took this picture of me with his dog Mattie one year ago. Mattie is giving my beard kisses!)

My vacation time is ending soon as I return to work for Saturday "2NEWS Weekend Mornings". Actually, I'll go into work Friday as I have to write, graphic submit and voice a mini-package for the weekend show, but Saturday is my first regular workday back.

I don't shave when I'm on vacation. As I'm one of those guys who can grow a beard in about 30 minutes, I enjoy not shaving when possible!

Last year I sprouted a beard on TV. I didn't shave due to facial stitches, so I had a nice scruff after one month. Was amazing how many interesting comments I received from viewers-- you don't see many news people with beards!

Time to shave... Summon the Gillette multi pack.

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