Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

(ABOVE: My father in Orange, TX from 1980. Dad was my baseball coach. I didn't realize until years later that he didn't know much about baseball. But he guided our team anyway.)

I dreaded Father's Day after my father died. He died of prostate cancer. His outlook was good when we was diagnosed at age 58. The doctors told him that he was at Stage 2 which is 95% survivable.

He had surgeries and various treatments to remove the cancer, and we thought he beat it. But the cancer came back a few years later and quickly took his life. I wasn't expecting his death-- my mother phone called before sunrise on a Sunday morning with the news. If the phone rings before 6am, it's usually not good. Dad was a 5% victim.

Dad was my hero. I wanted to be like my Father. Dad would have been my best man in my wedding. Stupid cancer...

I now use Father's Day to reflect on my wonderful childhood and his leadership. I still shed tears too. In fact just typing this made my eyes water.


  1. What a beautiful tribute and I appreciate you also sharing your true feelings. My father died when I was 18....probably around the same time that you were auditioning for a play...

  2. Hear ya George this is my first Fathers Day without my Daddy. He went home this past Sept. Being deployed out here in the middle of the desert kinda gave it a double suck if their is a such thing. Sandy Beatty also lost her Dad in Oct. I'll tell you this my old friend we were both blessed with men of Integrity for our Dads. I'll be praying for you and Sandy next Fathers Day cause I know the empty feeling of missing your Dad. Take care "Old Flick". Jeff Delano Class of 91