Monday, June 14, 2010

Lonely rainy nights at the TV station

(ABOVE: at 3:04am, this is my view in the dark TV studio. A weatherman, a radar and a camera.)

"Why do you get to work so early?" is common question that Julie Chin and me get from viewers.

I normally get to work near 3:15am on "quiet" mornings. Today I arrived at Channel 2 just before 1:30am as ongoing thunderstorms means longer hours. (It doesn't help when you stay up late the night before playing on the KJRH softball team. I'm working on ZERO hours of sleep!) I relieved Andy Wallace who stayed late after the 10pm news. Anytime there's stormy weather on the radar you'll find at least one meteorologist here.

The weather center is lonely in the middle of the night as most of the news folks don't begin showing up until 4am. But I'm too busy to get lonely!

I first update the forecast on The process of making a forecast then takes me 45 minutes to an hour depending on the weather pattern. Then we make all of our own graphics for the 2 hour newscast. Everything has to be ready for air by 4:30am when we record a weathercast for "WeatherPlus" on Channel 222. The rest of our weathercasts are all live.

After 1pm when my shift ends I'm gonna go home and sleep all day!

(BELOW: The 49 cent drinks from QT are appreciated to keep a weatherman going. Diet Mountain Dew!)

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