Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sinus infections are stupid.

(ABOVE: As of 8pm tonight a light fever developed again. I feel mostly ok though.)

Shyla sent me to the doctor one week ago due to allergy problems. This is the first Spring I've suffered anything other than minor sinus issues.

He prescribed stronger medication to reduce sinus drainage, and another something to kill the infection. I thought I was better a few days later for Tulsa Tough but instead had to drop out.

I've been down for 7 days now during what happened to be my scheduled vacation. Shyla and I hoped to travel, and do some storm chasing in the Plains. I also wanted to ride my bicycle a zillion miles and finally finish major house projects.

Need more sleep, more Wifey, Westies and I hope to return to work Saturday. I'll be fine. I'm just annoyed at being down!


  1. Oh no! Feel better soon! My hubby and I recently traveled by plane with our 11 month old twins to NC, which is 6 flights total, I had bronchial pneumonia the whole time. Rest, rest, rest! Advil for that fever!

  2. Will do Matt! It's tough behaving and staying down. George

  3. I hope you feel better George. Being sick, especially during your vacation isn't any fun at all. Hopefully when you feel better we can see you guys. Li has been asking about you for days now.